Full grooming includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, facial scrub. therapeutic bath, anal gland expression, hand drying and breed standard scissor finish.

  • We also offer a brush and bath service for that special occasion or just to keep a well manicured pet looking great in between hair cuts.
  • Manicures and pedicures (nail trims) are available daily. Call to schedule a convenient time for this service.
  • Flea and tick baths are also performed using an all natural Neem shampoo, we do not use flea and tick dips.
  • Medicated baths are sometimes necessary and we have our own Medicated shampoo or we can administer a veterinary prescribed shampoo from your veterinarian.
  • De-skunk baths are also available. We encourage you to wait for our staff to de-skunk your pet first instead of home bathing. Our success rate is 90% removal of the odor if we do it first.
  • De-matting. This service is designed to remove tangles, knots or matts carefully from your pets coat, however, the severity of the matting will determine whether it can be done safely.
  • Cats are groomed on a limited basis only several days a week in the morning only. No cats will be groomed on Saturday.
  • We exclusively use Les Pooch and TropiClean products.