Pet Services

Full Grooming

Includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, facial scrub, therapeutic bath, anal gland expression, hand drying & scissor finish.

Brush & Bath

Service for that special occasion or just to keep a well manicured pet looking great in between hair cuts


We offer standard, medicated, and de-skunk baths. Our success rate is 90% removal of skunk odor if we do it first!

Fleas & Ticks

These baths are also performed using an all natural Neem shampoo; we do not use flea and tick dips.

Nail Trims

Manicures and pedicures (nail trims) are available daily. Schedule a convenient time for this service today!


This service is designed to carefully and safely remove tangles, knots, or matts from your pets coat when possible.


A range of healthy, quality supplies, including food, treats, clothing, accessories, decor, and more, are available for purchase from our store.

Come visit us today to pamper both you and your pet!


What are your hours for pet services?

Grooming appointments are available Tuesday thru Saturday

Tues thru Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sat 9:00am – 4:00pm

By Appointment only

What do services cost?

There are many factors that contribute to service fees of styling our pets. We don’t quote over the phone or by breed however all our full grooming service include the following: Therapeutic bath, nail trimming, 15 min of brushing, anal gland expression (outside), breed standard haircut, ear cleaning, facial scrub, and scissor finish with a spritz of Les Pooch’s fragrance.

Will my pet be in a crate?

All pets are first and foremost kept separately in their own veterinarian style fiberglass crates to ensure their safety. Each crate is properly disinfected between each animal.

What about dental care?

We do not brush teeth. If you don’t do this at least three to four time a week at home, then having a groomer do it every four to six weeks will have no benefit to your pet’s dental health other than 20 minutes of fresh smelly breath.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

There are several breeds that we will periodically have to restrict due to staffing issues, as well as size (over 60lbs) and labor-intensive grooming procedures. Please call ahead to verify.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24-hour notice of cancellation any service, including Tuesday appointments (ex. calling Sunday night to cancel for Tuesday isn’t 24 hours). Our missed appointment fee is $45.00 per pet.

Are there age restrictions on pet grooming?

Geriatric pets require special care for grooming. We will not accept pets over 12 years of age unless we have been recommended by a veterinarian. This ensures that the pet is healthy and stable to be handled for grooming.

Is booking for the year in advance possible?

We encourage you to book your pets spa day for the whole year. This is a great way to secure the date and time you want for your pet and your schedule.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way, and you may need to change a date here and there, but you are still required to give a 24-hour notice. The missed appointment fee still applies to yearly grooms as well.

What about flea and tick baths, or Veterinarian shampoos?

There is an up-charge for veterinarian shampoo service.

We encourage all of our clients to use a monthly preventive for fleas and ticks. There are many options so please discuss this with your Veterinarian. If we see any evidence of fleas and ticks we will apply an all-natural flea and tick shampoo at the expense of the owner. WE DO NOT USE FLEA DIPS.

What should first-time clients know?

All new clients are required to pay a $30.00 non-refundable deposit when booking their pets first appointment. We deduct that off the balance of the groom after your pet’s groom has been completed.

Do you have vaccine requirements?

Proof of rabies will need to be submitted via e-mail or in person at the first visit at K9 Ranch. We recommend kennel cough however we leave the discretion between you, the pet owner, and your veterinarian.

How long will grooming take?

The average full-service groom takes between two to four hours based on breed, skin condition, coat condition and temperament.

The actual time it takes to groom a pet can vary for many reasons, anxiety, age, fear, behavior, coat condition, etc. We do our best to complete your pet’s hair styling in a timely fashion.

What should I know about puppy grooming?

Puppies are precious and need special attention.

We recommend starting the grooming process at 12/weeks of age. This allows your puppy to become acclimated with the tools, clippers, bath, and the noise of the dryer, plus the atmosphere of the grooming environment. We make this a short, sweet, and fun training day so, your puppy is comfortable for their next visit, which would start their styling process with a full styling.

Since the first visit is short and all the other clients are up to date on vaccines, your puppy will not have any direct contact with any other pets while at K9 Ranch so they won’t need to be vaccinated for rabies prior to their first visit.

How do you handle inclement weather?

We want all our clients to be safe on the roads, please stay tuned to Facebook and email for any inclement weather cancellations especially if condition worsen overnight.

How do you keep pets safe?

We are proud to have our salon A.K.C. certified.

We are Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.

 We exclusively use non-toxic, holistic cleaning products throughout the salon.

We change our air filters every eight weeks to maintain a virus free environment.

Do you offer pedicures?

Yes! We perform this daily when scheduling allows; please call the salon on the morning you want your pet to get a pedicure and we will do our best to get you in the same day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards (no AMEX), and debit cards from all clients. Checks are accepted from established clients only. No new clients can pay by check. Grooming fees are subject to change without notice.

Other important notes:

Please make sure your pets have eliminated all their waste before coming for grooming.

We exclusively use Les Pooch grooming products.

Please call the salon to make, change, cancel or discuss any grooming issues. We do not communicate by text messaging. We pride ourselves on old fashioned customer service.